Unlocking the Sales Process | James Boreham, VP of Sales at Juro

James Boreham, VP of Sales at Juro, joined our own James on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft- sharing his keys to unlocking the sales process. Bringing an invaluable series of learns to the show, James B guides us through the opportunities and challenges present in the current market, and how best to approach them. James B does not shy away from the multi-faceted demands of sales, and helps us explore the various sales roles in financial markets that allow us to exceed the needs of a dynamic industry. With a varied, ambitious and unique background, James B offers a brilliant take on how best to reach a state of sales-orientated high performance.
“Have you achieved a level of product market fit that allows you to produce predictable market revenue? If yes, then commit to growth.”
Knowing when to embark on the next phase of hiring and larger company growth demands a delicate knowledge of the wider company position and goals. And as stressed by James B, this comes down to knowing you have achieved a product market fit that generates revenue. Once you begin selling a particular deal type on a repeatable basis, for James B this indicates you have reached the latter stage and can be confident in committing to growth. At Juro, the last quarter saw them doing at least one deal a day. The rhythm this created also brought a degree of predictability that allowed for the team to plan for exciting growth, without fear of drastic fluctuations. Allow you firm to find its position and path in the marketplace; give your product the opportunity to gain a reach and rhythm; then ready yourself for growth.
“When looking for your next hire, look for someone who has the potential for growth and want to be coached- even if they are already an A-Player.”
Firms are becoming far more open to the idea of hiring people who do not have the perfect skillset, but have an attitude that means they can be coached and invested in to reach an exceptional career point. James B is acutely aware that finding A-Players is always a difficult task as they tend to be entrenched in other organisations; but as James B stresses, whilst they may be an A-Player in their current environment, they may not be brilliantly suited in another. And so the onboarding of any candidate needs to be approached with an open-mind, and the opportunity to learn and develop should be open to all. Each organisation has an EVP and the opportunity to teach something different, and James B stresses everyone should be humble enough to embrace such learning opportunities with unwavering enthusiasm (irrespective of your career stage).
Thank you James B for joining us on Tech Salescraft. Your authentic passion for excellent sales shone through and made for a truly insightful conversation.