The Success Of ZigZag | Al Gerrie, Founder and CEO of ZigZag Global

Earlier this year James was delighted to be joined by Al Gerrie, Founder and CEO of ZigZag Global, on an episode of Tech Salescraft. Establishing comprehensive, value-driven foundations has been key to the success of ZigZag, and so throughout the episode Al shares how robust beginnings can truly propel your firm further in the future. We also explore the world of sales, discussing strategies, mindsets and approaches that can place any firm on an upwards trajectory. Al’s wealth of experience and passion for successful businesses is evident throughout, and makes for a fascinating conversation with James.
“There was an element of us being right product at the right time. But we were also developing some really great software that helped us retain customers.”
For some it is a case of capitalising on a fruitful market opportunity at the perfect time. But for Al and the team at ZigZag, they not only saw a chance to take a market share but introduce comprehensive, fantastic software that would bring sustainable, long-term success to the company. In doing so, they acquired customers that have remained with them since their inception. When ZigZag was first brought to market, it introduced a first-of-its-kind retail service; but even since competitors have emerged, ZigZag has remained an industry leader because it came to the marketplace with a product that would deliver excellence. Al highlights the journey his product went on before going to market, stressing the importance of trials before implementing for disruption.
“I want to hear what our customers are saying. I want to hear what they want us to build. I get a lot of valuable insights from both existing and potential clients.”
Establishing positive relationships with clients is integral- not only in a revenue sense but also from a business development point of view. Al highlights how creating strong foundations with a network of clients from the beginning has truly aided his firm in bringing new ideas to the marketplace; solving real time problems with reflective solutions. Working on demos everyday and creating a routine of actively conversing with clients, Al has been able to tap into a valuable resource of insights that allows him to better grasp the needs of the market. In doing so, ZigZag remains ahead of trends, setting the tone for emerging firms and again seizing a share of the market place ahead of any competitor.
This is simply a snapshot of the brilliant conversation Al had with James on Tech Salescraft. It was truly a privilege to explore the work of a fantastic firm and better understand how they have been able to experience such success. Thank you Al for joining us on Tech Salescraft, it was brilliant to learn more about ZigZag and the firms hidden traits that allow the team to be market leaders. You can watch the full episode now on YouTube, or listen across all major podcast streaming platforms.