Successful Strategies and Mindsets that Catalyse Growth | Tom Dunlop, Founder and CEO at Summize

The Founder and CEO of Summize, Tom Dunlop, joined James on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft- offering us an exclusive look at the successful strategies and mindsets that catalysed the growth of the firm. Summize entered the marketplace as an innovative solution to solve frustrations relating to contract reviews; and since then, the team have established themselves as creators of world-class software that is transforming the space. This episode is brimming with fascinating insights that will offer you unparalleled access to market opportunities.

“We’ve got a very, very clear vision of what the product does today, and also what it will do, and exactly what purpose that serves. But it is a process you go through to reach that stage.”

Having a ‘clear vision’ is fundamental to establishing the direction and aims of a firm. It creates a guide-point for the team and offers clarity during turbulent times. However, as challenges arise and new opportunities present themselves, this vision can change. Tom stresses how Summize had to pivot on multiple occasions to find its place in the market, to ‘nail the niche’. In doing so, Summize was able to become far more tailored to better suit customer needs and develop in a way that was reflective of crucial demand and the nuances of commercial review. Possessing an agile, flexible nature is crucial for allowing you and your firm to pivot; to not become hindered by the challenges, but instead see them as signposts for exciting redirection.

“Every business has contracts, so we could have sold the software to every business. But instead we brought on a bright time that tested it, and helped us find where it best fit.”
The buzz of creating a new product and the desire to send it straight to the market can often be devastating for founders. Again, trusting the process of change and having patience in the development of the product will bring long-term, entrenched gains. Hiring knowledgeable, passionate people was key for Tom as it allowed Summize to grow strategically and identify its niche. Being open-minded in the hiring process-but coupled with the understanding of when is the best time to hire- will open so many more opportunities and showcase a pool of talent previously unthought of. In adopting this mindset, Tom has helped guide Summize to a position of fantastic revenue growth, and the ability to set new, ambitious targets that will bring the firm from strength-to-strength.

“To take us to the next level, to show people we can do it all, we needed a commercial leader.”

After Tom recognised that parts of the firm were becoming siloed, the business decided it was time to find a commercial leader that would be able to bring a wealth of experience and new skills that would transform the firm. Adopting the open-minded approach to hiring allowed them to find an ideal candidate swiftly, and rectify the issues the firm was beginning to face. Being cognisant of where you can increase efficiency and how you can bring new opportunities to your firm is crucial. It brings a new wave of thought processes and a better understanding of what the next stage is in pursuit of your vision.

Tom’s conversation with James is not only eye-opening but also crammed brimming with an infectious passion for business. Tom’s honest approach to challenges and success creates a conversation with James we can all take something from. With an acute understanding of business development and effective sales processes, this blog barely touches the surface of the insights Tom brought to the latest episode of Tech Salescarft. Watch this fantastic episode to truly accelerate the potential of you and your firm.