Specialising for Excellence | Tech Salescraft with Luc Lammers, VP of Sales at Sendcloud

Joining James on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft was Luc Lammers, VP of Sales at Sendcloud. In this episode we get an exclusive look at Sendcloud and what exactly makes them a firm truly at the fore of industry development and change. They are providing industry leading solutions and streamlining complex processes, looking beyond the conventional. But what lies behind this? From their hiring processes to understanding product market fit, Luc reveals what it takes to be a high performance firm in such a competitive industry.

“We lost sight of product market fit in new regions. We needed to reinvent our approach in comparison to new regions where we had been operational for nine years.”

A firms’ product market fit will undoubtedly have a standard, global basis. But building upon this will be regional differences that are crucial to consider. As Sendcloud began their impressive expansion, they became acutely aware of the varying responses between regional clients, and had to pivot accordingly, in numerous ways. From respecting various merchant sizes, and the differing journey’s they will go on, as well as how to acquire those merchants, new processes had to be embedded to suit the points of differentiation. And Sendcloud were equipped to do this. We are reminded of the importance of being agile in business and being ready to adapt and respond before it becomes overly reactionary. Expansion demands agility and respect- and Luc reminds us of this brilliantly in Tech Salescraft.

“We want to make people successful from day one. Considering velocity and success, we want to know what drives and accelerates people from the start.”

With expansion came inherent hiring demands. People lie at the heart of every business and so the ideal of “getting it [hiring] right” is central to the growth plan of every firm. Luc revealed to James their hiring strategy and the importance of understanding the person before the role. Knowing what motivates your team, and ensuring that motivation is catered for from day one, sets an immediate pace that bolsters the person, not the title. Respecting individuality is vital to ensuring your firm works as a collective; it invites debate, encourages self-progression; and looks beyond the immediate demands of the role, observing instead the long-term picture.

Luc’s conversation with James is a fantastic insight into a firm truly redefining industry excellence. Thank you Luc for joining us on Tech Salescraft- we can’t wait to see what Sendcloud does next!