Performance Vs Results | Marcus A. Chan, Renowned Sales Coach

Marcus Chan’s conversation with James is the absolute guide to sales excellence. This episode of Tech Salescraft charts the extensive sales journey through Marcus’ vast experience; from his revealing “first day” to his now position as a Sales Coach, we learn what it takes to truly standout and excel in this industry. We also delve into the mutli-faceted demands of leadership, exploring compassion, understanding and development- and the marriage between this trio.

“When I came into a leadership role, it wasn’t about finding the quick wins. It was about effectively executing the process in the long run, trusting the process, and giving it 100%.”

In an industry as fast-paced as sales, the intricacies, the foundational concepts, can often be neglected. But Marcus reminds us how vital they are to good leadership. A leader’s role isn’t solely about securing results and pressuring the team into acquiring those results- it’s about relationships and drive. It’s in the mindset. As Marcus concisely puts it, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” Being overly preoccupied with the numbers can eventually become a hinderance to performance as it isn’t a sustainable approach. Developing habits, passion and determination will better serve longstanding ambitions. This is particularly keen for those in positions of leadership as it forms a culture that caters for all, at all levels of their career.

“When you go through all the metrics and data, be proactive in identifying the constraints in the performance. Imagine it’s a pipe and identify the blockages. Is it hiring? Is it closing? Where are the constraints?”

Make data your friend. Far too often people shy from the figures or misinterpret them to better serve their ideological plan- but this is immensely counterproductive in the long-term. Utilising Marcus’ pipe analogy, if one area is inactive, there will be a negative domino affect across the entire business. For Marcus, understanding and tracking data is a consistent, weekly practice. It is crucial that you don’t just identify a problem through data and discuss an action plan, you need to execute and review. Confront your problems, learn from them and progress- it’ll brilliant feed into building upon the definition of a good leader too.

Thank you Marcus for joining us on Tech Salescraft. This is a brilliantly holistic outlook on the sales process and on leadership. From how to proactively execute on your ambitions, to what exactly good leadership looks like, this is a conversation not to be missed.

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