Optimising Cybersecurity with One Browser

Moty Jacob, Co-Founder of SURF SECURITY

Joining James on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft was Moty Jacob, Co-Founder of SURF SECURITY. A renowned CISO, Moty offers us a fascinating exploration of the security world, sharing his impact on an ever-evolving marketplace. Critically, he shares how he ensured there was no trade-off between security and agility; firms should be afforded the chance to implement both into their operations.

“I had this hilarious moment where one of the execs told me: ‘Security slows us down.’ And I thought, does it really have to be that way?”

In the technology sector, security should form the foundations of operations. It should never be a hinderance, instead serving to bolster and guarantee trust in the service. Yet speaking from experience, Moty knows security can often appear to work against products, adding another layer of complications and need for further management. Needs and practicalities clash. Moty had identified a distinct problem — the catalyst for a great product.

“Is there an option where security doesn’t slow us down? Where security will actually increase innovation? Can we actually build something where there will be no trade off between agility and security?”

There should be no trade-off between security and product excellence. It is that ability to create such a solution that is unique, innovative and frictionless that has propelled Moty to incredible professional heights.

On this episode of Tech Salescraft, we’re given an exclusive look at the operations and team behind this product — exploring their journey to success.