Hiring Across all Stages of Growth

Mark Mayerfeld, CRO at GK8

Mark Mayerfeld, CRO at GK8, joined James on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft. He offered us a fantastic look at a business that is making transformative strides in the world of sales; and adopting a global-leading hiring strategy. Walking us through how GK8’s approach to talent acquisition has evolved in recent years, we learn why geography is no longer a critical consideration. And crucially, the steps they are taking to identify the most exceptional people for their business.

“Nowadays, finding the right talent first, location second, is the ideal strategy.”

It’s indisputable: we’re operating in a new era of work. New technologies are opening up new opportunities, making geographical limitations a challenge of the past. Mark offers us an exclusive look at GK8’s current hiring strategy, exposing us to the fantastic gains that can be made when your approach to talent acquisition is given a global edge. By looking to new regions for talent, the team are identifying new sales opportunities and onboarding the best talent to convert this into business.

“We realised that for it to sell locally in Singapore, we needed to have a local APAC presence.”

Whilst Singapore may not house GK8’s headquarters, it’s a market they can actively serve, and serve brilliantly. As mentioned new technologies ensure the team stay connected, can emulate workplace culture, and support can be offered to those operating in new territories. This approach, irrespective of change, is still quite unique. Many will have a sole base and operate globally from that HQ. Is this the most effective approach?

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