From Sales Hustle to CEO Muscle


Jordan Rackie’s journey from Sales Leader to CEO at Keyfactor is a testament to adaptability, vision, and relentless pursuit of excellence. In a recent episode of Tech Salescraft, Jordan shared his insights with James Hounslow, providing a wealth of knowledge on unicorns, sales strategies, and the nuanced role of a CEO.

Mastering the Hook in Sales

Jordan’s career began as an SDR, where he honed the critical skills of outbound sales. He emphasised the importance of understanding market attraction and motivation. His analogy to fishing underscores the need to set the hook effectively – to identify what will engage potential customers and lead to successful sales interactions. This foundational experience in hard work and resilience laid the groundwork for his later achievements.

“You’ve got to figure out what the market is attracted to, what’s going to motivate them to take a call with you.”

The Transition to CEO: Challenges and Triumphs

The leap from a sales leadership role to the CEO of Keyfactor wasn’t something Jordan actively pursued; rather, it was a path suggested by a mentor. This shift demanded new skills and a broader perspective. Jordan navigated these challenges by focusing on recruitment and team development, leveraging his ability to adapt and learn continuously.

Upon joining Keyfactor in 2019, Jordan faced immediate hurdles, including a significant reduction in staff to align the company’s spending with its forecasts. Despite these tough decisions, his leadership steered the company through these turbulent times, demonstrating his capability to make and stand by hard choices.

Merging Cultures and Teams

One of Jordan’s significant accomplishments was overseeing the merger between Keyfactor and PrimeKey. This merger, completed in mid-2021, was a strategic move to enhance the company’s global reach and capabilities. Jordan’s leadership ensured a smooth integration of cultures and operations, a challenging feat given the global circumstances.

Importance of Balanced Growth

Jordan’s philosophy of balanced growth is central to Keyfactor’s success. He emphasises that a company should not over-rely on any single aspect, whether it be sales, product, or another area. This balanced approach helps the company withstand various economic headwinds and maintain steady growth.

Hiring the Right Talent

A critical aspect of Jordan’s strategy is his focus on hiring. He believes in the power of intuition and personal involvement in the recruitment process. By directly sourcing candidates and leveraging his network, Jordan ensures that Keyfactor attracts top talent aligned with the company’s vision.

Looking Ahead

As Keyfactor continues to expand, Jordan is focused on the future, planning for the next three years. The company’s mission is to secure the identity of machines and devices across the globe, a task that becomes increasingly crucial with advancements in quantum computing and cybersecurity threats. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Keyfactor remains at the forefront of its industry.

Jordan’s journey and insights offer invaluable lessons for anyone looking to transition from sales leadership to a CEO role. His story underscores the importance of adaptability, strategic hiring, and maintaining a balanced approach to growth.

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