Exploring the Essence of Founder-Market Fit | Amir Konisberg, Serial Entrepreneur Executive and Angel Investor

Joining James from Israel on this episode of Tech Salescraft is Amir Konisberg, Serial Entrepreneur Executive and Angel Investor. Amir’s aptitude for technological excellence is evident throughout this episode, and informs his attuned approach to business creation, ideation and success. Through the learns obtained from his fascinating professional journey, Amir shares what its takes to hire successfully, to create an efficient sales function, and to establish true product market fit.

“‘Really cool, new technology. Now let’s build a company from that.’ No. What’s a business problem that you want to solve? Technology is a means of solving that.”

This is a message echoed across multiple episodes of Tech Salescraft: understanding that your business should be solution-orientated, not guided by a product or preference. Amir has a keen-eye for excellent technology, and for him, the best is always underpinned by a solution or ability to address a business problem. Understand what it is your prospective clients are looking for and recognise their pain points. Then communicate a solution which has a delivery facilitated by technology. If the technology is the starting point, you lose the ability to articulate what solution it’s addressing; instead you become blinded by talks of technological implementation and maintenance. Excellent technology is a must, but it should absolutely be inspired by a well-communicated solution and acknowledgement of a business problem.

“The opportunities for early-stage founders in the marketplace is plentiful. Technology plays an indispensable role in our lives, it’s not going anywhere.”

Whilst competition may be fierce, opportunity is out there for founders that are delivering excellent technology-orientated solutions to the marketplace. As stressed by Amir, technology at every business level and function is the norm. Those that will succeed in this new business era are those that recognise the role of technology and understand how it can fill gaps in the business. Again, this returns back to the solution-orientated foundations; where are businesses lacking efficiency? Can technology address this? Whilst previously VC’s may have simply invested in an idea, investors are now looking for a far more developed concept that proves it can be transformative.

Amir reminds us throughout the episode that whilst brilliant technology is a must and an exciting new opportunity for sales, we mustn’t forget why we create it, what its potential is, and the solution it represents. Thank you Amir for joining us on Tech Salescraft! This is a fantastic exploration of production ideation, creation and success.

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