Build. Scale. Repeat. | Nicholas Shaw, CRO at Brightpearl

On a recent episode of Tech Salescraft, James was joined by the brilliant Nicholas Shaw, CRO at Brightpearl. Translating his leadership experience into tangible advice, Nicholas guides us through his core understanding of business success and growth. We also delve into employee centricity, exploring the undeniable link between the latter and revenue, marketplace fit and processes. This is an exciting episode brimming with advice, that helps us better understand how Brightpearl became a firm at the fore of the industry.

“It doesn’t matter how great the company is, if you’ve got the wrong people in the wrong roles then you may not be successful.”

Suitability is key in sales. It’s a profession that demands a plethora of skills that don’t come naturally to many. Nicholas brings this fact to light when he establishes the crucial link between people and company success. The firm operates as a cyclical chain that needs complimentary parts to ensure it functions optimally; if one piece is out of line it can be detrimental to the entire operation- and people are the most vital part. This does not mean you need to find sales people who have a wealth of experience in selling your firms exact product type. But rather that employers recognise the diverse skills needed in sales, understand how to recognise them, and create an environment where these abilities can thrive and grow.

“To scale properly, you have to put process in.”

Is success luck or a strategic plan? You could have the world’s greatest product, but if you don’t understand how it integrates into the marketplace, and have a scalable process, you can often miss the mark. For Nicholas, a strong process comes from executing the basics brilliantly. Knowing how you generate revenue, how you remove barriers, what optimal service looks like, and where you intend to be in X number of months or years’ time, is the basis of a strong process. Understand your marketplace position and where that will take you, and build a successful process around that.

Thank you Nicholas for joining us on the show. The insights we’ve taken away from this episode can only elevate the work we do, and reveal the multi-faceted approach demanded by the road to organisational and marketplace success.