A Product Transforming the Sales World | Ariel Hitron, Co-Founder and CEO of Second Nature

Ariel Hitron, Co-Founder and CEO of Second Nature, recently joined James on Tech Salescraft, to share exclusive insights into the transformative work he and his firm are currently engaged with. Their AI-driven sales coaching software is truly representative of the fantastic future of the sales industry; and it is brilliant to feature the minds driving this next era of innovation on Tech Salescraft.

“You can place boundaries around the risk when you start your own company. Set realistic metrics, and be strict with them.”

Risk deters many an aspiring entrepreneur away from starting their own firm. Especially later in life when there may be more collateral, risk can be overwhelming. But Ariel shares the structures he put in place to ensure the risk was minimised, and his life and potential beyond the start-up was protected. Ariel created monetary and time-based boundaries; he set himself a budget and set a date for when he wanted to get funding by. Adopting this mindset turns a start-up into an investment.

Straightforward, right? Not particularly.

Creating your own firm, irrespective of whether you’ve set the latter boundaries, requires immense discipline and, most crucially to Ariel, “motivation”.

Even after you’ve acquired funding, the hard work doesn’t stop. You have to be motivated to push for the next round of funding; motivated to continue adapting your solution in the face of new challenges; motivated to build a business that is consistently striving to be better. James comments in the episode that after you acquire that first round of funding, it actually gets harder. New expectations are placed on you, and there is pressure to reach external targets.

That is why motivation is key. It is your constant catalyst. And it must be established before you set any monetary or time boundaries. Motivation informs your mission, vision and values- hence is instrumental to your growth.

Thank you Ariel for joining us on Tech Salescraft- it’s an eye-opening exploration of what it takes to succeed as a sales start-up.

You can watch the full episode now on YouTube, or listen across all major podcast streaming platforms here.