Turning Challenges into Triumphs

Tech Salescraft with Maya Gershon, a Revenue Executive

Joining James on today’s episode of Tech Salescraft is Maya Gershon, a Revenue Executive.

In this episode, Maya dives into her entrepreneurial journey, from launching her business to navigating the tech industry. She shares insights on the critical role of innovation and customer-centric approaches for startups aiming to disrupt the market.

The discussion focuses on Maya’s strategies for overcoming challenges, emphasising agility and continuous learning. She offers a transparent view into the highs and lows of scaling a startup, imparting lessons on effective leadership, building a cohesive team, and forging strategic alliances.

Join us as Maya reveals a behind-the-scenes look into her hustle, highlighting the balance between professional ambitions and personal well-being.


About Tech Salescraft

One of the Top 40 Sales Podcasts globally. Tech Salescraft brings you a weekly series of conversations that showcase technology and sales ingenuity. Hosted by North Starr’s CEO, James Hounslow, join us as he interviews Sales Leaders that are redefining excellence in their spheres while coaching A-Player teams along the way. We are always keen to feature exceptional individuals on the show who drive sales brilliance. If you know someone who may be the perfect guest for Tech Salescraft, or you would like to nominate yourself, get in touch with the team.



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