Leader Vs Boss - The difference

Erin Mace

Every office has a person at the top of the organisation. Whether that be a founder, CEO, Managing Director, even a team manager, there will always be someone who is at the top of the food chain. However how they go about leading the troops can change drastically from person to person and organisation to organisation. Having a leader in the workplace can impact the day to day activity massively in comparison to having a boss. A leader will drive employees to be innovative, aspirational and a drive to be successful, not only for themselves but the whole business. They do this by leading from the front, showing them HOW to achieve a goal set and not just saying go! They give their employees credit for hard work which motivates them to go the extra mile. 

A boss, on the other hand, will set goals and not show employees how, merely just expect the results come deadline time. This may suit some workplaces but on the whole, it tend sto lend itself to a more autocratic environment and staff retention may suffer as a result. These types of figureheads tend to command authority and rather than lead from the front, will take a back seat and wait for the work to be done. Work is completed through fear not passion. 

Which type of leader would you be in the workplace? Which one in your opinion is more effective?