DevOps - The Demand

Anthony Cook

There has recently been a very high demand for DevOps Engineers in the market. The technology landscape is changing every day and cloud technology is at the forefront of this transformation. That being said, the market is saturated with jobs, candidate availability on the other hand, that's a different story.

DevOps Engineers do not typically stay on the market for a long time, especially those who are on the hunt for permanent roles. I have recently spoken with many new clients about their struggles hiring DevOps Engineers. Some clients have actually told me that they have had DevOps roles open for up to a year and the most common denominator seems to be issues with the hiring process.

Hiring process

Most organisations have a hiring process that they stick to when employing new members of staff. Having a process in place is essential, however different situations need to be dealt with differently. 

I have recently dealt with a client who told me that they have had a role open for six months and they have had many candidates getting down to the final stage interview and pulling out before it could take place. DevOps is typically dominated by contractors who are used to having one or two interview stages maximum. So, while a client may be sticking to their typical hiring process, the competition is bringing the heat and completing the process quickly. So condensing your hiring process into all-in-one interviews or at least expediting the process as much as possible will help you attract talent immeasurably. Remember we are all human and emotional characters, so if we are handed offers after meeting all people involved in the hiring process in a longer one-stage interview, we will feel valued and are more likely to accept an offer.

It is wise to head into interviews expecting the person you're interviewing to already have multiple offers on the table, so by simplifying the interview process you will be giving yourself a much stronger chance to secure the talent at your fingertips.