An introduction to Leith Monro

Leith Monro

In my recruitment career over the past 10 years, I have encountered a wide array of top performers – I’ve represented a whole host of candidates, from million-pound billers, through to game-changing CEO’s. 

Each one of these men and women have all shared one similar trait: an unshakable belief in themselves. This key trait is only intensified further in the professional sales individuals I have now had the privilege of speaking with – they back themselves, without coming across as arrogant or obnoxious.

Make no mistake the power of belief has the ability to completely change your perception of work, the situation you are in and even has the ability to fundamentally change your mindset!

One of my colleagues spoke once about the difficulty he had in getting to grips with recruitment in his early days but the difference maker came to be in the fact that his manager believed in him, “They believed in me, so I realised I should believe in myself more and through this belief it spurred me on to have success”

I would like to think in order to be a success in any particular industry you must have the following:

  • Inner belief (making sure the positive voice in your head outmuscles the negative voice!)
  • A strong belief in the work you do (believing you are adding genuine value to your clients, customers, candidate or a process) 
  • Belief in your industry 
  • Belief in the people you work with or represent
  • A strong belief in your business or the brand you work for

Think about the reasons why you joined the business or industry you are in now? 

What was it about it that made it so special and ultimately why you decided to join?

If I look back on my career to date, the thing that struck me about the Harrington Starr Group was the unshakeable confidence the business has in its people, training and desire to reach the upper echelon of the industry. 

Having had the opportunity to see multiple businesses as a candidate and client I believe the business is first class in every aspect and I believe we are going to reach the 1% in the industry, a well-voiced vision within the company.

The instilled belief that the management team have in me and my colleagues to not just do a job, but to actually exceed even our own beliefs in what is possible. As a culture we are all mutually aligned on getting the business to the next level. 

We are creating something very special here and it is through that shared belief that we can get to the very top of our industry. The power of belief isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ but it very much is a crucial part of our journey.

After 10 years in the industry and searching for something that would truly make me a better recruiter and challenge me, I am happy to say I have found my home. 


If you are interested in joining an award winning, world class team (that is only getting better), please do get in touch today!