What's happening in cloud right now?

Richard Roberts-Jones

One of the major trends and movements is to the cloud. With more and more companies moving their data to a place that is easily accessable. The number of companies and starts up grows is growing at an amazing rate. 

But what’s going on... what’s hot? 

As could probably be expected, the survey shows that a hybrid model is still the most popular, with companies hedging their bets by using a mix of public cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

AWS still dominating.

The public cloud computing sector is completely dominated by AWS. In 2016 it was 10 times bigger than its nearest 14 competitors combined. In the last 12 months Microsoft's Azure and Google's Cloud Platform have since gained on AWS, with IBM, Oracle and Rackspace next. 

Part of AWS's domination in revenue is because users place proportionally more virtual machines on AWS than on its competitors' servers. 

Who’s is moving to the cloud and why? 

In most businesses its the IT departments that are the ones pushing cloud adoption, with management more likely to resist. The tools available to govern and manage cloud hosting are maturing and this is helping to push past resistance. 

Moving Forward.

As cloud computing becomes more mainstream, there are fewer challenges in moving more applications to cloud-based services. Concerns have instead moved from resources towards costs and security, with expertise still a significant concern. 

New roles such as DevSecOps have evolved mixing different skills and different worlds. 

DevOps and Docker 

Growth in DevOps, the combining of operations and development skills to deliver applications faster, using agile management philosophies, is increasing among cloud adopters. 

Docker, a tool that allows applications to be containerised and distributed from cloud-based servers to almost any operating system, has become the most popular DevOps tool among cloud technologists. 

It will be interesting to seen what happens over 2019..... Will we see security breaches? what roles will exist? Will Azure close the gap on AWS?