Keeping keen after lots of interviews

Nadia Edwards-Dashti

We have had a number of people rejected during interview for reasons solely associated with being over-interviewed. 

Once you have completed your first stage interviews at three companies you will start to feel robotic in your answers – your passion will fade and the conviction in your answers will lose their gloss. Throughout all the topics we have spoken about, everything from preparation through to handling mistakes, but it’s natural, however prepared you are, to sound prescriptive. Here’s some tips to stay fresh at even your fifth or sixth company you interview at.

Listen: I mean really listen. Often, when you’ve answered a similar question before you will give a generic, prescriptive answer rather than a suitable answer to the exact question you have just been asked. Try to focus on this specific interview session without letting previous interviews cloud your thoughts.

Perfection doesn’t exist: I am a big believer in preparation and giving yourself the best shot but when you have completed several interviews, its worth reminding yourself that there is no perfect answer to any question. Being yourself and simply taking every questions as it comes will help keep you fresh in interview.

Pizazz: After a few interviews, especially if some of them haven’t gone to plan, people can often appear tired of the entire process. They’ve answered these questions before, they’ve jumped these hoops, and they’ve spoken about their favourite projects. However, this interviewer hasn’t heard your answers before, they want to get to know you, they shouldn’t feel that you’ve said these twenty times before to work on retaining the passion you first had when you explained things to the first person that interviewed you.

Learn: Every interview would have taught you something, whether it be a new way of looking at an old challenge or a better way of presenting a current project. Take these learns and put them into practise. Let the interview experience work to your advantage not disadvantage. Learn from previous mistakes you have made and work on how you could have dealt with them better.

It’s not only about you! Interviews, as I always say, are two-way streets. Just because you have answered similar questions many times, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask your questions and take in what they have to say about themselves. You learning their business and how you respond to that information will help you bring back the real you.

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