From basement to boardroom: The rise in power of the technologist

Nadia Edwards-Dashti

The world of Technology has changed dramatically over the past ten years. This is nothing new; technology has been changing exponentially throughout time with startling and dramatic improvements happening every second. For the world of finance, commerce and business the change has been most notably seen recently in today’s modern technologist. Gone are the days where technology was branded ‘geeky’ and technologists unable to communicate their ideas and theories. Today’s technologist is in the boardroom making decisions for the overall good of the company. 

The movement from waterfall to agile methodologies in working has allowed for much wider and accepted debate within the technology world. Where communication lacked now discussion is cherished between business and technology. More over the world now understands that for a company to perform at its best the technology team cannot be secondary to the business team for success. The onset of the agile methodology in technology has evolved technology into something where ideas are debated and the best solution is chosen – to get to this best solutions input from the business is paramount. 

Agile has allowed for better communication between the two as well as hybrid roles appearing in the market. The effects on the marketplace have been hugely positive as these duel skill sets have not just allowed for technologists to do more with technology but also has spurred on the market place to provide further more complex solutions. This has notable been due to the new technologists being able to explain their work to the business around them. With this renewed understanding and respect we are seeing that more and more technologists are moving into the boardrooms with their ideas that will bring significant profits to the business. The effects on that are rippling down into entry level roles where the new technologist openly strives to push and stretch themselves to create better solutions without feeling limited by their firms. Businesses have been forced to evolve and prioritise technology otherwise see themselves stand still and get left behind competitors. 

The modern technologist has reaped the rewards of new investment into technology and the most influential people are using this new level of communication to further propel the market forward. Within the UK especially London and the technology scene, we are already seeing the benefits this is having on the way technology is perceived and more importantly the way our educational systems are portraying it. Already we are seeing the benefits of an influx of graduate in the technology space. These will be tomorrow’s technologists and that is an exciting place to think about. If technology has risen in power so exponentially over the past few years where will technology in the UK be in 5 or ten years’ time? With its increased power, its heighten status and its merge into the business technology is set to rise again and again over the coming years and it will be an exciting thing to be a part of.

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