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In a recent episode of Tech Salescraft, James Hounslow interviews Chris Rack, the CEO of pharosIQ, delving into his journey from a sales leader to a CEO and the strategies that have propelled his success in the industry. This conversation offers a deep dive into the challenges and nuances of the tech sales world, particularly in the current economic climate.


From Sales Leader to CEO

Chris’ transition from sales leadership to the CEO is a testament to his ambition and ability to leverage his sales expertise in broader organisational roles. He discusses his strategic approach to leadership and growth, emphasising the importance of seizing the right opportunities and proving one’s ability to lead at higher levels. Chris believes in tackling new roles as puzzles, analysing various factors to drive success.


The Reality of Sales in Tough Times

Chris offers a candid perspective on the shifting dynamics in tech sales post-2021, where the frenzy of easily available funding has died down, making the environment much more competitive and realistic. He reflects on the recent past as a “fantasy land” where growth was often artificially boosted by abundant funding, but now, companies need to adapt to more sustainable practices.

“I don’t think it’s going to go back to 2021. I don’t think my LinkedIn is going to post a unicorn a day. If you remember unicorns are mythical creatures that no one can find because they’re so rare, right?”


Strategic Hiring and Leadership

A significant part of the discussion revolves around hiring strategies and leadership. Chris underscores the importance of hiring individuals not just for their skills but for their potential to grow with the company. He stresses the need for CEOs and sales leaders to understand the sales process deeply, suggesting that they listen to sales calls to grasp the team’s approach and ensure consistency, which is crucial for scaling.


The Role of Relationships and Culture

Throughout the interview, Chris emphasises that the core of successful businesses lies in their people. The relationships a company cultivates internally and externally are pivotal. He argues that a strong team can outperform a strong product, highlighting the necessity of fostering a supportive and motivated workplace culture.


Looking Ahead: The Future of MRP

Under Chris’ leadership, pharosIQ aims to redefine its market approach by expanding its visibility and influence in the tech industry. He discusses the company’s focus on overcoming the inertia of the status quo in the market, especially during economic downturns, by convincing potential clients of the value pharosIQ offers over existing solutions.


Chris’ insights reflect a comprehensive understanding of the intrinsic challenges and strategies that define tech sales and leadership. His approach combines a realistic assessment of market conditions with a forward-thinking attitude towards growth and innovation. This episode of Tech Salescraft not only highlights the journey of a sales leader to a CEO but also offers valuable lessons on resilience and strategic planning in the tech industry.

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