Bringing Your Go-To-Market Strategy To Life | Juergen Weichert, Chief Revenue Officer at Usercentrics

Juergen Weichert, Chief Revenue Officer at Usercentrics, recently joined James for a truly explorative conversation on Tech Salescraft. From the success of recent funding rounds, to mindsets guided by the reality of business, Juergen truly covers it all. Juergen has an evident passion for the world of startups and all the challenges that are associated with this, and so he engages in an honest and open conversation with James that is nothing short of eye-opening. We touch on some of the key points covered by Juergen and James, giving a glimpse into a fantastic episode of Tech Salescraft!

“Bringing your go-to-market strategy to life is difficult, and ensuring your team is invested in this journey can complicate it even further.”

Acquiring a generic go-to-market strategy is simple- a quick Google search and you will be inundated with standard plans applicable to ‘any’ business. But as Juergen stresses, such copy and paste strategies are inadequate when aiming for success. What is critical is tailoring your strategy to reflect who you are as a business, and what your wider market goals are. Additionally, a comprehensive strategy demands team-wide investment. Juergen understands the latter begins with onboarding a talented team who are passionate about shaping a high-growth firm, and subsequently are committed to the go-to-market strategy. Finding the right people can often be difficult, but it is a fundamental process that will herald long-term benefits.

“When we are hiring new people, we include the whole team in the process. We want to assess cultural fit and how they’ll work with the entire business.”

It is crucial to get your hiring process right as it’s a first-impression and intensive view of who you are as a business. Juergen’s years of experience in the industry has exposed him to a plethora of different approaches to hiring, but the strategy at Usercentrics warrants further attention. By including a member of the sales, marketing, or development team in the initial interview stages, Juergen highlights that you can better grasp from a cultural standpoint how the potential new hire will fit in the team. James quizzes Juergen on whether this approach will become difficult to manage as the firm grows; but as Juergen stresses, this hiring process has wider implications for the entire business. Success is multi-faceted, and recruitment is a critical part of that.

“Receiving our first round of funding meant we had to adjust the mindset of the team.”

The acquisition of funding is an immensely exciting time for any firm. It’s a concrete chance to fulfil one’s potential and to inject reality into the ambitious plans that have been in development for months and years. But as Juergen highlighted, the reality of funding demands a more grounded approach to market plans, in comparison to the ambition such plans were guided by before. Now that your plans have funding, you have to know how to appropriately utilise that backing, and prioritise plans in accordance with monetary supplies. As Juergen highlights, this mindset shift is applicable to the whole team- a further reason why hiring the right people from the start is so critical.

Juergen’s conversation with James on Tech Salescraft truly opened our eyes to the complex and exciting world of startups. This explorative discussion truly allowed us to digest the multifarious demands placed on founders, and the subsequent expectations placed on the teams. Thank you to Juergen for such an honest analysis, it was a pleasure having you on Tech Salescraft. Watch the whole episode now on our YouTube channel, or listen across all major podcast streaming platforms.