How do we secure the power of data? | Eran Noam, Chief Business Officer at Shield

On the latest episode of Tech Salescraft, James was delighted to be joined by Eran Noam, Chief Business Officer at Shield. We delved into the challenges and opportunities Eran has encountered throughout his fascinating career; and reflect on the key learns from each industry experience. Eran brings his unique approaches to hiring and culture to the show, highlighting the role attitude and aptitude plays in varying business environments. This is a conversation that is truly brimming with insights and offers us an exclusive look at a firm that is truly redefining the marketplace. This blog simply scratches at the surface of an in-depth conversation into unlocking excellence.

“Following your process lets you be more accurate in your forecasting… It doesn’t work on gut feeling. It works on a process.”

The latter advice is invaluable to every business. Whilst not quelling creativity and denying exciting opportunities, having robust and comprehensive processes in place is vital to establishing business excellence. For start-ups, it allows you to forecast business growth for investors and allow you to identify development challenges that could hinder you. For more established firms with larger teams, it allows you to ensure people are on trach to achieving the company vision, and identify areas in which you could yet improve. And for Eran, one of the most vital components of the process is ensuring it is reflective of the wider market. Ensuring your processes aren’t just internal-focused and insulated will allow you to keep pace with the dynamism of your industry. Take note of the buying and engagement habits of your customer, and ensure you are incorporating them into the mission and values of your firm.

“Data can be the enemy because data tells the truth! But you will realise that data works for you.”

Acquiring and understanding data can be daunting. When data is captured incorrectly, or you have a negative mindset towards the statistics, data becomes the “enemy”. But as stressed by Eran, data needs to become the most invaluable tool at your disposable. As highlighted by his conversation regarding processes, understanding where you’re going and how you’ll get there is vital. Data plays a pivotal role in this as it provides you with signposts and warnings as to the track your firm is on. Don’t let data deter you from making process; utilise the insights it offers to maximise excellence. Eran’s appreciation of data came with maturity and understanding of its potential but with rapid digitization, data has become far more accessible to people at every stage of their career journey. Allow data to guide you and build processes reflective of your scope and potential.
This was a brilliant edition to this series of Tech Salescraft, and was an absolute pleasure to feature the fantastic thoughts of Eran. With such a wealth of experience and evident passion for business development, Eran imparts invaluable advice that could transform the mindset of any firm, for the better. Thank you Eran for joining us on the show, it was a pleasure to feature your brilliant insights!

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