Let’s Put Some Good into the World | Stephanie Jenkins, CRO at Sprig

On the latest episode of Tech Salescraft, James was joined by the brilliant Stephanie Jenkins, industry-leading Chief Revenue Officer. Stephanie’s drive for positive change and her professional dynamism have landed her in some truly exciting roles; from fast-pace trading in California, to doing transformational work within some highly successful sales firms. Now in a new and emerging market, Stephanie is embracing every opportunity presented to her, putting her eye-opening learns to good use, and preparing for the future of this exciting industry.

“In the early days of an SaaS company, it’s still so much about product market fit. You’re evolving the product as you’re selling it in many of those really early stages, trying to see what’s resonating, what sticks, and what people pay for.”

Stephanie has been with firms through varying stages of growth; and arguably one of the most difficult periods to navigate is that initial go-to-market strategy. For Stephanie, it’s about recognizing the potential of your product, approaching market investigation with a curious mind, and being ready to learn at every level of implementation. Primarily- and what has been stressed by various guests across this series of Tech Salescraft- it is about being ready to adapt to the dynamic demands of the marketplace. Stephanie has readied herself for the ever-changing landscape by learning from the high calibre people around her, and coaching a team that have an enhanced and comprehensive skillset- prepared to adapt and create a situation in which the product can thrive. Accepting there will be challenges throughout the implementation of your go-to-market strategy is crucial, and sets you up to tackle those hurdles with confidence and a solution-orientated mindset.

“It’s wonderful to be able to help people solve new and interesting problems… and the coaching part is so rewarding. Watching people improve is so rewarding.”

Coaching has always been a key investment piece for Stephanie. Finding ways to aid people’s development and take them up to the next level has been crucial to Stephanie’s growth strategy in her personal and professional life. Not only is it rewarding for those receiving the coaching, but it also immensely beneficial for the coach. As stressed by Stephanie, coaching exposes you to new ideas, new approaches, and highlights pain points you can embrace and tackle. To prevent your industry passion and career commitment stagnating, you need to find new challenges to engage your skillset and propel yourself and everyone around you to a new equilibrium. Coaching pays rewards, but it takes consistent engagement- as demonstrated by Stephanie.

This was a brilliant addition to this series of Tech Salescraft, and was an absolute pleasure to feature the brilliant thoughts of Stephanie. Bringing fantastic guidance on coaching and go-to-market strategies, Stephanie brought clarity to a critical conversation. Thank you Stephanie for joining us on the show, it was a pleasure to feature your fantastic insights!