Becoming a Chief Revenue Officer | Nabeel Ebrahim CRO at Behavox

Tech Salescraft returns with a truly phenomenal line-up of guests- and our first new release features Nabeel Ebrahim, CRO at Behavox. This episode presents a new angle on sales. Having come from a legal background, Nabeel brings a whole new skillset to the table that exposes us to the pitfalls and overlooked opportunities in the industry. His leadership journey is a fascinating one, and one that has not shied away from challenges. Keen to get into sales but unsure you have the right skills or background? This episode will change your mind.

“It’s about finding the right sound within the noise.”

A major part of any leadership role is talent acquisition. Talent makes a business work, thrive and reach successful heights. But as Nabeel highlights, finding the talent most suitable for your business can be difficult. How do you tune your search into the right candidates? How do you best echo your values so they resonate with a talent pool that can truly flourish in your firm? Nabeel guides us through the recruitment process of Behavox, revealing how good talent acquisition starts with the employer profile, not always the employees. Brand authenticity and recognition of your place in the market are both excellent starting points when trying to identify the talent amongst the masses that is right for your firm.

“Our recruitment team has designed a process that allows for us to ask the right questions to find the best cultural fit. And we were also prompted to do a regression analysis to identify points of success.”

Processes and reflection are a vital part of the recruitment process. Whilst the latter point on attraction is key, if you lack the organisational recruitment basics, your strategy can’t be successfully executed. Nabeel’s point on regression analysis is particularly fascinating. Reflecting on your people and identifying their top skills, but also the environmental factors that allow them to thrive, is a brilliant way to expose your strengths- but also at times the areas in which you lack. In understanding where your business is now, you can better propel your team in the future. This reflective mindset has truly informed Nabeel’s leadership approach, and been instrumental in Behavox’s success.

This episode reveals to us what more the sales space can be doing to transform recruitment, and bring a more authentic, diverse pool to the table. Thank you Nabeel for joining us on this episode of Tech Salescraft.