Selling a Vision | Chen Porat, General Manager at Qognify

A new episode of Tech Salescraft is now live, and this time James is joined by Chen Porat, General Manager at Qognify. Chen brings his fascinating career journey to the show, recounting his steps through sales and his revealing learns. Covering everything from the importance of targeted focus, to the best way to empower your employees, Chen’s conversation with James is a fascinating expose on the best of sales- but it also doesn’t shy from the collective challenges we all continue to face.

“Firms sometimes don’t gear or build themselves towards growth. They fail to look at the data. You need a data driven approach.”

As stressed by Chen, many firms struggle to understand how they can maximise their growth. How do you get from £40 million in profit to £80 million? For Chen, it’s all about harnessing the data and using the findings to empower your potential. Data will allow you to see where you are but also show you what you need to do to make the next step. With data, you can aptly formulate a vision- which for Chen is paramount to selling your business to investors, and cementing your position in the marketplace.

“In sales, it’s better to be really open about what you have and what you don’t have. And it’s about believing in the value that you have, and convincing the customers on the value that you have.”

Value is arguably synonymous with sales. Selling a product successfully, as highlighted by Chen, is all about promoting the value you offer. Value looks different for everyone so it also comes down to understanding your customer’s pain points. How will your product transform a customer’s business? To sell that successfully you need to possess a comprehensive understanding of exactly what you have. Don’t sell on false pretences, it won’t be a sustainable collaboration in the long term. Chen applies this logic brilliantly in this episode of Tech Salescraft, revealing what it takes to sell successfully.

Thank you Chen for joining us on Tech Salescraft. Your experience and passion for sales was evident throughout, and made for some revealing learns!