Measure. Manage. Grow. | Anthony Parker, General Manager and VP Sales at Mindtickle

What has come to be apparent across multiple episodes of Tech Salescraft, is that success is not inevitable. It’s a process, a tangible, actioned vision, and a result of doing far more than the bare minimum. This message is truly brought to life on our latest episode in which James was joined by Anthony Parker, General Manager and Regional EMEA Vice-President at Mindtickle. In this instructive conversation, the pair discuss what it takes to exceed industry and organisational expectations; and reveal just how easy it truly is to get hiring drastically wrong.

“Look, everyone thinks they’re great at hiring, no one is – but there’s ways of mitigating risk from your own point of view, from a business point of view and also from the person who’s looking to join you.”

Hiring shouldn’t be a minefield, but it can be. The personal experiences Anthony brings to the show reveal this; yet they’re experience that have informed his authentic, transparent approach to hiring now. For Anthony, hiring is about acknowledging the minimum that everyone is in this process with the intention of finding the right candidate, or the right role. And then pairing that understanding with the mindset that the “right” person and job is about opportunity, genuine coachability, adaptability, and recognising traits that match the broader vision of the firm. It isn’t just about current skillsets and past experience, it’s about drive and potential.

“I ensure a coaching culture doesn’t just exist as a C-Suite directed initiative, but also as a peer mentoring network- it encourages continual learning and development across all levels.”

Anthony’s refreshing take on peer mentoring and coaching is a standout moment of this episode. He encourages us to see coaching as something ignorant of career level but rather something accessible and supported by all team members. The promotion of a coaching culture allows for firms to unlock potential and accelerate careers in an authentic, guided way. Throughout Anthony’s career, mentorship in many guises has played a massive role in getting him to where he is today. It now informs his leadership style, creating a network of collaboration and growth.

Thank you Anthony for joining us on Tech Salescraft! This was a brilliantly perceptive episode that shed light on more than just the industry standard- we saw what it takes to exceed expectations.