Translating Experience into Sales Success

Eran Baron, Co-Founder & CEO of

Eran Baron, Co-Founder and CEO of, joined James on a recent episode of the industry-leading Tech Salescraft Podcast. Eran’s biggest challenge throughout his career has been understanding how to effectively convert satisfied customers into part of the sales pipeline. Particularly important to start-up’s, being referred by a trusted customer to new business remains an invaluable sales tool. So how do you make this part of your pipeline?

“The biggest, best asset of the company is the customer. You need to identify how you can leverage the knowledge of the customer to sell more. How can they help you upsell? How can they help you cross-sell?”

Businesses are founded upon, and operate upon, the needs of the customer. In order to survive and remain competitive, you need to listen to the demands of your marketplace. And crucially, create powerful connections with your customer; putting you in a position to leverage their connections and network. As highlighted by Eran, there is often no better way of selling than having a respected client refer you. Word of moth remains just as powerful in this digital age. Particularly during his early career, Eran made thousands of pipeline calls. Each call afforded him the opportunity to better understand the customer, the marketplace, and engage in conversations suppliers may otherwise be excluded from. Actively put yourself in a position where you are consistently exposed to the customer. Create a narrative that is synonymous with trust and development. Make them confident in referring you to others in the market — make them a natural extension of your sales function.

Thank you Eran for joining us on Tech Salescraft! For further insights from Eran, watch his full conversation with James now on YouTube, or listen across all major podcast streaming platforms.