The Technology behind Brilliant Problem Solving

Henrik Shimony and Omri Shalev of Reeco

Henrik Shimony, Co-Founder and CEO, and Omri Shalev, Co-Founder and CTO, of Reeco joined James on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft. There’s no doubt they’re filling a distinct marketplace gap. But they’re also showcasing exceptional innovation, technological brilliance, and tangible solutions at the same time. And those tangible solutions speak to key market demands: efficiency and speed.

“We are a start-up and we have to run fast. We are closing the gap between access to technology and the need for a solution. It’s like if you’re using a traditional map, we say to you: find a piece of technology that will get you to your destination faster.”

Efficiency and speed are words that transcend industry boundaries. They’re a want across marketplaces and are ultimately factors that work to differentiate and acquire wins. But they’re not tangible concepts that can just be handed to firms on a silver platter. For Henrik and Omri, we must innovate around these broad solutions, building brilliant technology that solves the most pressing problems. That’s what motivates them. That’s what underpins the work they do at Reeco. They are solving problems through technology; and delivering the key marketplace demands at the same time. For Henrik and Omri, efficiency and speed aren’t just buzzwords. They’re an indispensable feature of their product.

Thank you Henrik and Omri for joining us on Tech Salescraft. You can watch the full episode now on YouTube, or listen across all major podcast streaming platforms.