The Sales Coach and the A-Player Team | Tim Baird, VP of Sales at Emperia

To be a good sales leader you must be a good sales coach. The distinction between the two may not be obvious but Tim Baird, VP of Sales at Emperia, joined James on Tech Salescraft to share what it means to elevate your leadership by assuming the role of a sales coach. Having this edge has informed Tim’s truly world-class approach to identifying world-class talent, setting new standards and entering interviews with a strong “barometer for success and high performance”.

“…something I’ve noticed with the top sales reps out there, and with myself, is that irrespective of the standards other people hold me to, I have high standards of myself. So when interviewing I do look for what expectations people have of themselves, asking questions to tease that out. Because that will be a good barometer for success and high performance.”

On Tech Salescraft, we frequently explore what it takes to identify the most exceptional sales talent in the marketplace. Tim’s exploration of this is an eye-opening look at the creation of an A-Player team, recounting the traits that are indispensable in the top sales reps. Drive and coachability are key. But Tim is quite keen to explore the adversity people have faced in their career; for him this is a vital indicator of a high performance individual.

Particularly true in scaling and start-up businesses, an ability to adapt to and manage trying situations is central. Tim shares the current challenges faced by Emperia; and whilst processes may sometimes not be “pretty”, it’s the reality of this growth phase and demands a degree of resilience. Tim shares how he specifically asks about trying situations in the interview phase that explore learns, attitude and outlook.

Adversity creates A-Players; and in turn they’ll create future-proof, exceptional businesses.

Thank you Tim for joining us on Tech Salescraft!

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