The DNA of a Sales Leader


Eran Zilberman, Co-Founder and CEO of Cyclops Security brings a unique perspective to the world of cybersecurity startups. With a solid foundation in sales and technical expertise, Eran shares his journey and insights into the challenges and strategies of leading a tech company in a recent episode of Tech Salescraft with James Hounslow.

Embracing Sales from a Technical Background

Eran Zilberman started his career as a security engineer, transitioning into sales through a natural progression influenced by his deep understanding of technology. His journey began when his boss recognised his potential to close deals and suggested a shift to sales. Eran’s ability to communicate technical solutions effectively made him a standout salesperson.

“Because I understand the technology and the landscape and the environment, it’s easier for me to understand the challenges for the customers, to understand his pain points, and actually to come up with a creative solution and to speak with the buyer in the same language.”

This technical background gave Eran an edge in sales, allowing him to approach clients not just as a salesperson but as a problem solver, creating a strong foundation for his leadership in the startup world.

Transitioning to Sales Leadership

Moving from sales to sales leadership was a significant milestone for Eran. He emphasised the importance of relationship building, not just with systems but with people. His approach to leadership was hands-on, pushing his team to learn and grow by doing.

Eran’s leadership style is rooted in trust and empowerment. He encourages his team to dive into challenges, offering guidance and feedback to help them improve. This approach not only builds strong sales teams but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

Founding Cyclops Security

Cyclops Security, co-founded by Eran, addresses the complex needs of cybersecurity through innovative solutions. The startup focuses on efficiency, using AI to normalise and correlate data, providing insights and visibility into cybersecurity risks. Eran’s experience in sales and understanding of customer needs play a crucial role in shaping the company’s direction and success.

The company’s journey has been marked by strategic planning and market education. Despite economic challenges, Cyclops Security has made significant strides, with plans to expand and raise additional funding in the coming year.

Key Insights for Aspiring Founders

Eran shares valuable advice for aspiring founders, emphasising the importance of resilience and focusing on solving real problems rather than getting too attached to the product itself.

“Don’t be afraid to make any mistakes. Don’t get in love with your product, get in love with the solution.”

This mindset, combined with his experience in hiring and building strong sales teams, positions Eran and Cyclops Security for continued growth and success.

Eran’s journey from a technical role to a sales leader and now CEO of Cyclops Security highlights the importance of blending technical expertise with sales acumen. His insights into the challenges of transitioning roles and leading a startup provide valuable lessons for anyone looking to make a similar leap. As Cyclops Security continues to innovate and expand, Eran’s leadership and vision will undoubtedly drive the company towards new heights in the cybersecurity landscape.

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