Scaling for Success across Cultures

Alex Zeltcer, Founder & CEO at

Alex Zeltcer, Founder & CEO of, brought his infectious “entrepreneurial itch” to his conversation with James on Tech Salescraft. His clear aptitude for founding exceptional businesses is not lost in this episode; and we are exposed to the myriad of factors that have played into Alex’s successful professional journey. From international growth, to the ever-crucial talent acquisition and retention strategy, Alex and James leave no stone unturned as they explore what it takes to scale both successfully and sustainably.

“When we first started to hire in the US, we hired the person we thought we needed. We didn’t hire what we actually needed: someone that aligned with our culture.”

If you you think professional and business, often a corporate, suited stereotype will spring to mind. But that idea of “business” isn’t suited to every firm. When Alex and the team were making their first US hire, they hired based on an idea, not an actuality. Their first hire didn’t reflect the team culture they had built and so when this fell through, they returned to the drawing board to consider why and construct a responsive solution. Their next hire was far more successful as the individual aligned with their values and beliefs. Skills and marketplaces can be taught; but as is mentioned on Tech Salescraft frequently, attitude cannot — and this can make or break a team. Don’t be pressured into or convinced of a hiring ideal that is far from perfect for you. Understand your business, your goals, and thus the personality type needed to help you grow.

“Sales people will tell you it’s an art. Ok, but it’s also a science. You need to have a repeatable sales motion.”

Just as important as crafting an exceptional hiring process, is the creation of an efficient, repeatable sales cycle. Alex reminds us throughout this episode of Tech Salescraft to not convolute sales with theory but to instead break this down into actionable, measurable steps that can be adopted by each sales representative. You need to know the nuances and steps of each stage of the sales cycle: how many calls you’ll need to make; timelines for conversions; and what makes this a scalable, adoptable process. Strong foundations underpin Alex’s indisputable success. Upon creating tangible processes, Alex felt confident to delegate as he knew he had the right people in the business that could interpret and execute upon a successful sales cycle.

Sales is a multi-faceted space, and getting it right is not straightforward. But as revealed by Alex, breaking down the basics and getting them right is a fantastic start to propelling successful entrepreneurial ventures.

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