Owning Your Sales Domain

Jeff Glickman, EVP Global Sales at Referral-AI

“Owning your domain” is a common phrase integrated into job descriptions for most industries. An ability to seize opportunities and to take your business and team to the next level are the implied expectations of this ownership. But what does it take to successfully action this?

Jeff Glickman, EVP Global Sales at Referral-AI, joined James on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft to address the meaning of common job description terminology. The pair explore the idea of an A-Player, taking ownership of your domain, and what it means to have a revenue-generating mindset. Understanding the backstory to a job description is crucial to ensuring you either hire the right person, or you’re successful in securing the job.

“I want to bring in people that are highly capable, that can own their domain. As a manager, that allows me to focus on other things and do pulse checks with them to ensure they are on the right yellow brick road.”

From the perspective of a manager, giving ownership of a domain to a member of your team is a display of trust. You need to identify and hire people that you can trust to effectively do their job. But how do you ascertain that relationship in the interview stage? For Jeff, it’s finding people who understand how to toe the line between politeness and asking the difficult questions. Those who are able to confront challenges at such an early stage are the people you can trust to tackle real-world, profession difficulties.

Anecdotally, Jeff discusses how important this is in a start-up and scaling environment. With everybody juggling multiple responsibilities, onboarding an individual that you can trust to execute their responsibilities is imperative.

Whilst there is a requirement for firms to create an interview process that invites honesty, Jeff speaks to candidates too, providing them with the confidence that addressing worries and shortcomings is a sign of strength; it is a key, demonstrable step in your ability to overcome weaknesses.

You can watch the full episode now on YouTube, or listen across all major podcast streaming platforms here.