Navigating the Storm


Tzvika Shneider, the CEO and Co-Founder of Pynt, recently shared his wealth of experience and insights in an engaging episode of Tech Salescraft with James Hounslow. From his journey in cyber security to his current endeavours in startup growth, Tzvika offers valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of technology and entrepreneurship.

The Shift Left Imperative

In today’s fast-paced development environment, “shift left” has become a crucial strategy, especially in the realm of security. With a significant talent gap in the field, integrating security measures early in the development phase ensures that products are both secure and swiftly deployable. This approach not only mitigates risks but also aligns with the goal of accelerating production timelines. As Tzvika emphasises,

“Shift left is a must in security because there are not enough security people in the world.”

Riding the Waves of Change

Tzvika’s career trajectory mirrors the dynamic nature of the tech industry. His extensive background in Israel’s intelligence force provided him with a robust foundation in leadership and cyber security. Transitioning to the startup world, he faced the challenge of applying his skills in a vastly different context. “When you start a startup after being in the military, you realise you don’t know anything,” Tzvika candidly admits. This humility and willingness to learn were pivotal in his subsequent roles at various startups, where he honed his product and R&D expertise.

Finding the Right Fit

For startups navigating the treacherous waters of funding and growth, selecting the right venture capital (VC) fund is critical. Tzvika advises founders to be discerning in their choices, highlighting the importance of aligning with VCs that understand their geography and the type of solutions they offer. “Picking the right fund is crucial because investment is made over three to four years, and then a new round of funding will be required,” he explains. This strategic approach ensures sustained support and resources for long-term success.

Evaluating Potential

A core aspect of any VC’s due diligence is the thorough evaluation of founders and their teams. Tzvika’s approach is rooted in assessing both the chemistry and potential of the individuals involved. He leverages his extensive network to validate the credibility of potential investments, underscoring the importance of relevant connections within an ecosystem. “Any manager should always look at employees in terms of their individual potential,” Tzvika asserts, emphasising the need for forward-thinking leadership.

The Path Forward

Looking ahead, Tzvika envisions a future where Punt continues to scale and innovate. With a recent funding round successfully closed, the company’s focus is on expanding its user base and sales through a community-driven, product-led growth strategy. This balanced approach ensures sustainable growth while maintaining a keen eye on market needs and trends.

Tzvika’s journey offers invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts alike. His emphasis on early security integration, strategic VC selection, and thorough team evaluation provides a roadmap for navigating the complexities of startup growth and success. As the tech landscape continues to evolve, these insights will undoubtedly remain relevant and impactful.

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