High Performance + No Culture = Burnout | Pete Blackhurst, VP Revenue- International, Trackforce Valiant

On a recent episode of Tech Salescraft, James was joined by Pete Blackhurst, VP Revenue- International at Trackforce Valiant. Bringing his fascinating career learns and journey to the discussion, we explore the indisputable value Pete has added to the SaaS space he has so actively been involved in. A central topic throughout is employability- exploring this from the perspective of both an employer and employee- and how to ensure one’s approach to this is value-driven. This is a truly revealing episode brimming with anecdotal evidence that reveals the effectiveness and brilliance of Pete’s methodology in action.

“…there’s certain traits that I look for… of course drive is one, and this should be complimented by coachability and passion.”

Skills, references and well-ordered CV’s may be the first point of insight into a candidate, but for Pete it is crucial we explore beyond that. Personality and attitude are central, and most notably, Pete references the importance of coachability. The rapid and relentless development of technology demands a mindset that is open to learning; particularly when in the sales space and you are effectively driving its adoption. And Pete looks to identify this trait in the first interview. Do they match and identify with the vision of the company? Will they be able to contribute to the long-term success of the firm? Can they change with the firm and overcome marketplace difficulties. These are all questions you should be posing and seeking answers to throughout the first interview, and in subsequent discussions, role plays and presentations.

“Companies with high culture have high performance. High performance with no culture is burnout.”

Company culture, particularly in recent years, has increasingly been identified as a vital part of the equation that leads to company success; and Pete reminds us of this with the latter standout quote from this episode of Tech Salescraft. Building a high culture is of course no easy task, but is underpinned by some fundamental, unchangeable concepts. One is the creation of a collective direction; another is ensuring you embed continuous learning; and we are reminded of the Five Common Goals Methodology: Company, Customers, Competitors, Collaborators and Climate. Considering the weight of each of the latter notions individually, and collectively, is central to the way in which Pete has successfully built high cultures throughout his career.

Thank you Pete for joining us on Tech Salescraft. This episode is a true masterclass in people excellence.