Exploring Israel’s Hub of Sales Innovation | Gal Aga, CEO & Co-Founder Aligned

Gal Aga, CEO and Co-Founder of Aligned, recently joined James on Tech Salescraft to share his incredible founder journey. From a career in the military, to becoming a renowned sales leader, Gal has truly seen everything. Transferrable skills was an inherently prominent theme throughout the episode- and reveals that a career in sales is possible no matter your background. Whilst challenges have appeared throughout his transition between professions, Gal applies an optimistic spin to each, and offers us an eye-opening approach to tackling adversities.

“You’re eighteen years old, you’re finishing school, you’re thrown into a career. You get a reality check. You are exposed to people you’ve never interacted with before, and experience situations you’ve never experienced before. It catalyses your maturity and exposes you to new perspectives at an early stage.”

Starting a new career, no matter how old, is daunting. Going from education to career is possibly one of the biggest jumps of all. But as highlighted by Gal, it’s a time rife with growth opportunities. Not only is this a call to all starting their career journey to embrace the unknown; but it’s also a message to employers to provide opportunities and support networks to those in the early stages. Mentorship is an indispensable asset, as is creating a culture of learning and development. If you provide your staff with the tools and environment to grow and thrive, they will exceed all expectations.

“You can coach for skills, you can coach for knowledge, but it’s harder to coach attitude and habits.”

Being open to opportunities to learn, open to new ideas, and new thoughts, is crucial to development. And it’s an attitude employers always look for when hiring. Identifying the latter in the interview stage is crucial, and something Gal truly prioritises it. It’s not always easy to identify but don’t allow yourself to be bogged down by conversations on experience- it doesn’t always necessary equate to the right attitude for your firm. In this episode, we feature our “Ask A Recruiter” segment, and Gal asks James to share how we can overcome this obstacle of identifying people that will be the right fit for your firm. James shares the rigorous and revealing qualification process adopted by the team at North Starr- and how such a commitment to the pre-interview stage will translate to a higher degree of recruitment success.

Thank you Gal for joining us on Tech Salescraft. Your unique career journey has exposed us to the possible professional opportunities open to all in sales.

You can watch the full episode now on YouTube, or stream across all major podcast streaming platforms.