Does your approach to leadership compliment your product?

Michael Blumenthal, CRO at Hyro

Joining James from San Fransisco on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft was Michael Blumenthal, CRO at Hyro.

James: “How easy was it to write the playbook and did you make sure you had the playbook in place before you brought in the first sales hire?”

Michael: “So definitely! I had a playbook even for myself. I think it’s always important, especially in sales, to have a playbook that guides you. That’s why goals are so important. And it can change. It will change constantly. But you need to have something that you follow because otherwise you don’t know if you’re doing well or not. You need to be able to measure it. So having a playbook is something I always strive for.”

The Sales Playbook: a concept frequently floated about the world of sales — but what does it mean to you and your business? For Michael, the sales playbook informs their targets, ambitions, pipeline and approach to challenges. But crucially, it is able to evolve and adapt. Michael hones in on team growth in particular, stressing how as your team grows, new demands and opportunities arise. In this instance, the playbook must change. Your targets will inherently increase; your capacity to broaden your sales pipeline will grow; progression and growth will evolve. So evolution of the playbook is a necessity. But this evolution must be measurable. It must be accompanied by clear targets.

The sales playbook is synonymous with exciting growth, guiding you through fundraising rounds, international expansion, and business excellence. It’s easy to get lost in this growth. That is why it’s so important that each of the latter is accompanied by targets. They must be measurable concepts so you can hold yourself accountable and better understand pain points and areas of improvement.

Michael evidences how such an approach will optimise your business functions on this episode of Tech Salescraft. You can watch the full episode now on YouTube, or listen across all major podcast streaming platforms.