Building a Successful Sales Team

Tech Salescraft with Joseph Mara, Director SLED Sales Business Unit, US Public Sector at NetApp

Joseph Mara, Director SLED Sales Business Unit, US Public Sector at NetApp, brings profound insights from navigating Fortune 500 teams and propelling startups to success. This blog delves into key highlights from Joseph Mara’s recent appearance on Tech Salescraft, unveiling the strategies and perspectives that define his approach.

Joseph emphasises the importance of strategic planning when it comes to building sales teams. He suggests devising a three-year plan that outlines key milestones and targets. This plan serves as a roadmap, allowing leaders to measure progress and make informed decisions about expanding their teams.

When it comes to hiring, Joseph stresses the need to identify the persona of an ideal sales representative. This involves understanding the traits, experience, and character that align with the company’s goals. He believes in hiring individuals with high integrity, a deep understanding of the product, and a proven track record in solving customer problems.

“Hiring is the number one job that we have as leaders because if you don’t hire the right person, it can cost you a year in the territory and change the morale of everyone on the team.”

Joseph trusts in empowering leaders to make hiring decisions. While he interviews every candidate, he sees it as a collaborative process with the leaders under him. By letting them take charge, he believes it fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility. However, he maintains a safety net by being involved in the final decision-making process.

To assess a candidate’s capabilities, Joseph incorporates role-playing and presentations into the interview process. He asks candidates to walk him through a sales call, providing insights into their product knowledge and communication skills. Additionally, panel interviews with representatives from different departments offer a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s potential.

Recognising the significance of onboarding, Joseph considers it the number one job for leaders. He stresses the need for a robust onboarding process that goes beyond the initial orientation. Having a mentor, setting clear objectives for the first 30 days, and continuous check-ins contribute to a successful onboarding experience.

Joseph is an advocate for continuous learning. He recommends that sales professionals, aspiring leaders, and even founders stay committed to self-improvement. In the ever-evolving field of sales, learning and adapting are crucial for success.

For sales reps looking to enhance their skills, Joseph suggests reading the “Sandler 49 Rules.” This book encapsulates valuable insights into effective sales strategies. For first-time founders navigating the sales landscape, he recommends “The Qualified,” providing essential guidance on understanding the sales process.

Joseph Mara’s journey through various leadership roles in sales unveils valuable lessons for anyone aspiring to build and lead successful sales teams. From strategic planning to empowering leaders and continuous learning, his approach reflects a holistic understanding of the dynamics of the sales world. Aspiring sales leaders and founders can draw inspiration from Joseph’s experiences, gaining a deeper insight into the art of building and managing high-performance sales teams. Watch the full episode on YouTube, or across all major podcast streaming platforms.