Aiding Business to Harness Growth | Anthony Rose, Founder and CEO at SeedLegals

On this weeks episode of Tech Salescraft, James was delighted to be joined by Anthony Rose, Founder and CEO at SeedLegals. Anthony brings a diverse range of professional experience to the show, having ventured in the start-up world as well as being part of major organisations such as the BBC. Eventually, this experience was utilised to form SeedLegals, addressing legal automation stresses and transforming the way countless businesses conduct operations. The formation of the company was the result of “random luck” and “good opportunities”, but what has materialised is a strategic, high-growth firm we can all learn plenty from.
“Find the sweet spot between organic growth versus raising masses of investment and reaching profitability.”
It can often be difficult to predict how rapidly a company will grow, when it will reach a point of profitability, and when to begin expanding your team. Whilst organic growth may appear attractive, it is often slow and can hinder your firms ability to reach the marketplace at the right time. Where as with firms that receive high levels of investment and are driven by profits, growth can be tricky to navigate as the rapidity of the situation can mean people lose sight of the fundamentals of business. Anthony stresses the importance of understanding growth in a digestible, manageable way. Allow your business to experience losses and identify the ideal spot between utilising investment funds and sustainable growth. Expand your team at the pace your business demands, and bring on people who will accelerate your growth and understand your mission.
“It’s time to take the next step.”
The roadmap of business development is never a straightforward one, as alluded to previously. One’s decision to pursue a particular project, or to not, can be a blessing or a hinderance. Fully comprehending what it is you want your firm to offer, and accepting which projects are realistic to pursue, does help in remedying certain hurdles you may face. But as Anthony highlights, bringing on excellent talent can truly be the next step in pushing your firm on a more positive trajectory. Anthony’s investors introduced him to some excellent Sales and Marketing personnel who were able to bring additional value and skills to the business that were previously not offered. The next step of hiring may appear daunting or a drain on an investment that could go to product development; but more often that not, the results of talent acquisition can be empowering and catalytic.
Anthony’s conversation with James was extensive and covered difficult topics in immense depth. From talent to product development, Anthony imparted actionable, insightful tips on this episode of Tech Salescraft, that will truly aid any business looking to harness their growth. It was an absolute pleasure to have Anthony on the show, to gain an exclusive look at the work of SeedLegals, and to trace the trends and future of sales and innovation.