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    The launch of the first Harrington Starr Group subsidiary, The North Starr. Founded to represent the values of The Group in the ever-evolving and disruptive technology and sales community of ecommerce, digital, media and telecoms.

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    Based in Vintners Place, City of London, The North Starr Team solidified their markets to specialise in Development, Cyber Security, Data Science and Sales Recruitment.

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    The launch of the Starr Tech Enterprise magazine. Dedicated to the tech industry, it includes interviews with some of the brightest names in the industry as well as input from the North Starr consultants and management

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    Saw the hires of Andrew Nitek to specialise in the Cyber Security Markets and Ani Lputian for our Sales Recruitment Desk.

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    North Starr breaks all records set since inception, seeing the biggest ever month of placements and profits.

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    Saw more records broken and successful growth of our contact book of clients including huge household media, ecommerce and digital names.

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    Starr Tech TV launched and we saw the first of many of our clients interviews about their own growth.

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    Our sales team, having grown consistently, welcomed their second hires, Minnie McEvilley, and Richard Drew, who joined to head up our Contracts Division.

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    North Starr welcomes Paul Dixon to the US offices to build out the Development Markets.

Who we are

In 2010 we launched Harrington Starr who are now the Global Leaders in Financial Services and Commodities Technology recruitment, insight, events & consultancy. Delivering high quality opportunities for professionals on a permanent, retained, contract, and interim basis.

By 2015 we opened our Harrington Starr New York based team and every year since have seen them exceed expectation.

January 2016 saw the launch of our first subsidiary brand, The North Starr, which focusses on Cyber Security, Data Science, Sales and Software Development Recruitment. Since launching the company we have made significant gains in the Digital, Media & e-commerce sectors and are looking to double the headcount of the team immediately.

Both brands are bound by 5 keys values: positivity, excellence, execution, esprit de corps and kaizen. We look to deliver brilliant basics and provide a magical service to compliment them.

We have recently launched our North Starr US team based in our Harrington Starr New York Offices and the coming years will see further international expansion to compliment our US team based in New York and the launch of new brands under the Harrington Starr group. Get in touch to find out more about how we are looking to grow and how you can be a part of the story.

Your Success. Our Business.


Will you be our next discovery?

We have ambitious growth plans and an approach that there is never a bad time to bring A Players into the business. If you have experience as a recruiter, in sales or are simply passionate about helping build a business and want to join a company which is built around ensuring you hit your potential, get in touch.​


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